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Need help picking a wine for Christmas Dinner?  No worries, we'd be happy to help.

Italian Wine Guide for Christmas 2014

In Italy, very rarely do you have a meal without wine. The Italians are masters at pairing the proper wine with the correct food. When selecting the proper wine, it is very important to take very close attention to what your main course is going […]

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Trizza, an easy Italian appetizer that goes great with wine.

Trizza – Easy Italian Appetizer

Who doesn’t like a good appetizer?  Sometimes, you just have to pull a recipe together with what you have.  These can be some of the best creations.  That is how we created “Trizza”.   The name is actually a combination of Triscuit and Pizza.  We didn’t have […]

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Spicy orecchiete with chicken, an easy recipe with a lot of taste.

Spicy Orechiette with Chicken

Summer time, in my opinion, can be the best time of the year for pasta dishes. This Italian recipe is very easy to make. In addition, if you throw in some fresh ingredients from the garden, you are going to really enjoy this one. Honestly, […]

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