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Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set, Black Blades.  Photo courtesy of Amazon.

What’s the Best Knife? Ceramic vs Stainless Steel Knives, Part 2

 What’s the Best Knife?  Ceramic vs Stainless Steel Knives, Part 1 When we wrote our first article on the comparisons between ceramic and stainless steel knives, we had no idea how popular this post was going to become.  This article is by far the most popular […]

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Kyocera ceramic knives make a nice addition to a kitchen.

What’s the best knife? Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel Knives

Update: Due to extreme popularity, Part 2 of this article now available. You want to buy some knives, however there are so many choices. Should you buy Ceramic knives or Stainless Steel ? There are so many different brands as well. Where do you even start? […]

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