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Fresh fish, served at the Hotel Brasilito, Brasilito, Costa Rica.

Photo Worthy Food – Costa Rica Food Review

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to Thailand due to political unrest.  However, we were able to put together a last-minute trip to Costa Rica.  Now, I’m not usually a big fan of all-inclusive Hotels, but it’s been really cold here this winter and […]

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Panera Bread Turkey Chili, copycat recipe.

Photo Worthy Food – The New Panera Bread Turkey Chili

Update: Panera Bread Copycat Recipe now available. I stopped by Panera Bread the other day for lunch.  It’s my go to place for when I want to have a low-calorie lunch.  I tried something new for a change.  The Turkey Chili sounded pretty appetizing to […]

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Homemade Caffe Macchiato, as prepared in our home, The Triplo G Italian Kitchen.

Photo Worthy Food – Caffe Macchiato

Since we got the new espresso machine, boy oh boy, have we ever been having fun.  Today we made Caffe Macchiato.  What is a Caffe Macchiato you ask?  Well, we will tell you what the Italian version is, not the Starbucks version.  (Now, I am really […]

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Bruschetta and fresh mozzarella cheese as served in the Triplo G Italian Kitchen.

Photo Worthy Food – Bruschetta and Fresh Mozzerella

Well everyone, I hereby declare it “Tomato Season”.  We have officially picked our first few tomatoes from the garden.  Now the challenge begins:  What do you do with all of these tomatoes that you are going to have?  One of my all-time favorite uses for […]

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A bone-in New York Strip, as served at the Capital Grille.

Photo Worthy Food – The Capital Grille

It’s no secret that one of my favorite places to eat is the Capital Grille.  I had made my little sister a deal.  I told her that when she opened her office that I would take her and her husband anywhere they wanted to go […]

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