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Photo Worthy Food – Africa

A traditional African Boma Dinner, as served in Zambia.
A traditional African Boma Dinner, as served in Zambia.

We recently had the opportunity to go to Africa on a Safari.  We had no idea what to expect food wise.  I’ll have to admit, I was a little nervous.  Not only were we worried about stumbling upon a lion, but would we like the food?  These are some serious things to worry about.  I cannot go a day without a good meal, yet alone a whole week!  Let’s just say that we were presently surprised by the food.

At the beginning of our trip, at Victoria Falls, we were introduced to the African BOMA meal.  What is a BOMA?  That was my first thought.  I asked around, and I was told that it stood for British Officers Mess Area.  This meal was served in an outdoor dining area surrounded by the “bush” on all sides.  The area was cleared out, and tables were set directly on the sand.  Candles were lit everywhere and all the food was cooked on open fire pits.  Outdoor fireplaces and candle light set the mood perfectly.  All the food was cooked with the freshest, local ingredients that could be found.  We feasted on all sorts of fine cuisine including Impala, Crocodile, Steak, local vegetables, and much, much more.  FYI, Impala is delicious!!!  And, of course, all of this fine cuisine was paired with fine South African wines.  I thoroughly enjoyed the BOMA experience.

Oh yeah, since I mentioned it earlier here’s a close up shot of a lion that I took with my new Sigma 150-500 lens while on Safari near Kruger National Park.

King of the Jungle.
King of the Jungle.

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