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How to Roast Coffee at Home

You will be surprised to see how easy it is to roast coffee at home.
You will be surprised to see how easy it is to roast coffee at home.

In the Triplo G Italian Kitchen, we are always looking to have a little fun.  I’m not sure why, but it always irritates me when we buy fresh roasted coffee beans.  Why are these so expensive?  Now, I’ll be the first to admit, we are total coffee snobs.  We have to have fresh roasted coffee beans.  Once you experience the difference in flavor, you can never go back to ordinary coffee.  I got to thinking, why can’t we roast our own coffee beans at home?  I’ve watched them do it at the coffee shop and, quite frankly, it doesn’t look too hard.  So, I took to the internet to educate myself on the art of roasting coffee beans at home.

What I was about to learn was truly amazing.  Not only is it easy to roast coffee at home, but it is incredibly inexpensive.  The total investment in materials is about $20.  That’s right folks.  That WAS NOT a typo.  It only costs about $20 to begin home roasting of coffee.  I also have more good news.  I normally pay $15-20 per lb for roasted coffee.  You can buy unroasted coffee beans for $3-5 per pound.  These savings are going to add up quickly.  But, more importantly, your coffee is going to be so much better.  I’m not sure if I can really put into words how passionate I am about roasting your own coffee beans.  The improvement in taste is almost indescribable.

What’s that?  You don’t have time to roast your own beans.  Well, guess what?  It only takes about 4-5 minutes to roast your own.  Now, Captain I’m Too Busy, let me ask you a question.  How long does it take you to run to the coffee shop to purchase your fresh roasted whole beans?  That’s right, not only is this a money saver, but it is also a time saver.   Any guesses on what we are going to use to roast the coffee.  How about a popcorn popper.  So, what are you waiting for?  (The instructions on how to do it.)  Well, keep reading because we are going to tell you step by step what to do.



  • Measure about 1/2 cup of green unroasted beans.
  • Add to popcorn popper.
  • Put cover and lid on the popper and plug-in.
  • When roasting the coffee, chaff (skin of the coffee bean) will begin to blow out of the popper.  I usually do the roasting right by the sink, so the chaff blows into the sink.
  • A four to five-minute roast will give you a pretty dark roast.  I roasted mine about 5 minutes.  Perfect for espresso.
  • Be sure to slightly tilt the popper or you may have a few beans fly out of the popper.
  • Also, it would be helpful to leave a slight air gap from the measuring cup that rests on the top.  Otherwise, the plastic is going to melt.  The air popper is not really designed to stay on this long to roast coffee.
  • Pay close attention to the “crack”.  The coffee beans will actually crack twice.  These are your guides for when the coffee will be done.  After the first crack, you will have a medium roast.  The second crack will be a very dark roast.  Feel free to experiment, but be careful not to burn.
  • Transfer the coffee to an airtight container and let cool.  Be careful, they are going to be extremely hot.  Do not touch the canister.
  • After the canister has cooled, seal and use the next day.




  1. I can’t believe you use an air popper. Amazing. How about a stir type popper. Think that would work…I’m so going to try this. Where did you get the green beans?

    • First off, the stir type popper will not work. You will definitely need an air popper so the beans rotate and float for an even roast. Second, I ordered my green beans from amazon. I included a product link in the article for your convenience. I do not know of anywhere local that sells green beans. Thanks for visiting the website !

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