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What’s the Best Knife? Ceramic vs Stainless Steel Knives, Part 2

Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set, Black Blades.  Photo courtesy of Amazon.
Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set, Black Blades. Photo courtesy of Amazon.
 What’s the Best Knife?  Ceramic vs Stainless Steel Knives, Part 1

When we wrote our first article on the comparisons between ceramic and stainless steel knives, we had no idea how popular this post was going to become.  This article is by far the most popular of our website.  Who would have ever guessed that so many people would be interested in the comparison between ceramic and stainless steel knives.  With this much interest, we only thought that it would be natural to offer a follow-up to this article.

First off, a lot has happened since we wrote the original article on Ceramic vs Stainless Steel Knives.  Amazon is now selling black bladed Kyocera ceramic knives.  Whoa, do these ever look great or what!!!  I would seriously love to trade my white bladed knives in for the black ones.  Second, my opinion has slightly changed on the product recommendation.

What Changed My Mind

What probably surprises me the most is how much I use the ceramic knives.  I actually use them quite more than my stainless steel knives.  If I need to dice an onion or slice a tomato, I am going straight for the ceramic blade, no questions asked.  It is quite amazing how much sharper the ceramic blades are.  It is so much easier to perform these tasks with such a sharp blade.  Just be extremely careful as these blades are very sharp and dangerous.  Believe me, I know!

Thought the cover was on the wasn't.
Thought the cover was on the knife…it wasn’t.


The Conclusion

Now that we know how sharp these ceramic knives are, what exactly are the drawbacks.  As stated in Part 1, ceramic knives are somewhat brittle.  There is no way you can cut through bone or drop on the floor.  The knives won’t last if subjected to this type of treatment.  Also, ceramic knives are supposed to be stain resistant.  Well, I can testify that they are not.  My white bladed knives are definitely showing signs of much use.  It doesn’t affect performance, but they do look used.  Perhaps the black knives won’t show the stains.

I still believe that ceramic knives are not capable of being your everyday knife set because of the limitations noted.  However, I now believe that a 2-piece ceramic set is a must have for a kitchen.  Being that I use the ceramic knives more than the stainless steel knives, I have to give them a place in the kitchen necessity column.  After using these knives, I would not want to go back to a kitchen without them.

My advice is to not try to make a decision on which ones to buy.  You should buy both.  Your first knife set should be stainless steel knives because they can do everything.  Then, when you are ready, you definitely should obtain the two piece ceramic set.  Trust me, you will use them more than you can imagine.

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  2. Thanks for the advice. I have a great stainless steel set but like the ceramic knives with their sheaths. Think I will buy a couple like you suggested.

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