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Photo Worthy Food – The New Panera Bread Turkey Chili

Panera Bread Turkey Chili, a hearty and healthy soup.

Update: Panera Bread Copycat Recipe now available.

I stopped by Panera Bread the other day for lunch.  It’s my go to place for when I want to have a low-calorie lunch.  I tried something new for a change.  The Turkey Chili sounded pretty appetizing to me as it was a little chilly (no pun intended) outside.  Wow, was I ever in for a shock.  I was absolutely surprised how tasteful the soup was, and I was really surprised that a whole bowl of this deliciousness only had 280 calories for a full bowl.  How did I never have this before?  Well, because it is NEW!  “The New Turkey Chili blends ground and pulled, dark, antibiotic-free roasted turkey with beans, tomatillos, corn, spices and more to create a complex mix of flavors that’s as hearty as it is delicious”, according to the Panera Bread website.  I would concur.

So, why not head over to Panera Bread and give it a try.  Stay posted to the website as I plan to post a copycat recipe in the near future.  It was so good, that I will definitely be making this at home.  However, it will, of course, come with a healthy twist.

UPDATE:  Copycat Recipe is available.  Click here to see the recipe.

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