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Cooking Quick Tip – Garlic Health Benefit

Garlic, locally grown and full of health benefits.
Garlic, locally grown and full of health benefits.

Everyone knows that garlic has some major health benefits, but did you know that there are some simple steps you need to do to maximize those? But, before we get to that, let’s review what those benefits are. Garlic has been used for ages for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Garlic is loaded with many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B1, B6, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and others. In addition, garlic also contains a sulfur compound, allicin, which is a known antioxidant as well as an antibacterial and antiviral. It is this element that needs some special attention.

First, in order to activate the allican, you must rupture the cells. The garlic must be smashed, pressed, chopped minced, or anything along those lines. I think a Garlic Press works really well for this step. The smaller the pieces the healthy compounds will be released. Second, and this is the commonly missed step, you must let the garlic rest for 5-10 minutes before cooking. Basically, a chemical reaction needs to occur after you chop/press the garlic. If you use your garlic too quickly, you won’t get all the important health benefits that garlic can provide. So, be sure to let the garlic rest and let all those magical chemical reactions take place. That way you will be sure to live a long and happy life.

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