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Photo Worthy Food – Finger Lakes Wine Tasting

Dry Rose Wine, as sampled at Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera, Hammondsport, NY.
Dry Rose Wine, as sampled at Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera, Hammondsport, NY.

There is nothing like a trip to the Finger Lakes in central New York.  For us, we can make it there in a little over 4 hours.  The Finger Lakes is a wine region that is known for white wines.  Do not expect Napa quality red wines from this region.  The specialty in this area is no doubt Riesling wine.  Almost every winery offers Dry Riesling which is a little more up my alley as I cannot tolerate sweet wine.  In recent years, we have been finding that many wineries are beginning to make Dry Rose wine, or maybe I have just begun to notice it since I have been on a Dry Rose kick.

One of the most well renowned wineries in the area is Dr. Konstantin Frank.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Frank was the original pioneer of the region.  He began planting grapes here in the 1950’s.  A wine tasting at this winery is a great experience.  The wine pourers are very knowledgeable and make the tasting enjoyable.  After sampling about 10 wines, we purchased some Dry Rose, Rkatsiteli, and the Dry Riesling.

Here are some useful links for planning a trip to the Finger Lakes.

If you would like to shoot some of your own photo-worthy food, may I recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera.  It is the one that I use. If I don’t have it handy, my other photos are taken with my iPhone 5. I’m sure you can tell the difference as to the quality of photos.

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