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Photo Worthy Food – Greek Food Festival

Lamb Shank, as served at the Greek Food Festival, Oakmont, PA.
Lamb Shank, as served at the Greek Food Festival, Oakmont, PA.

One event that I never miss is the annual Greek Food Festival in Oakmont, PA.  This is a wonderful event.  It takes place every year the last week of June.  The festival runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You can find such wonderful culinary delights as Gyros, Lamb Shank, Stifado (beef stew in tomato sauce), Honey Balls, Grape Leaves, and much, much more.  Prices are very reasonable.  You can also wash it down with a cold beer or some Ouzo.  They really do put on a nice spread of traditional Greek food at this annual festival.  Be sure to mark your calendar for next year, the last weekend of June.

A gyro, as served at the Greek Food Festival, Oakmont, PA.
A gyro, as served at the Greek Food Festival, Oakmont, PA.

It really is hard to make a decision of what to get to eat at the food festival.  Everything looks so good.  First off, the gyros are phenomenal, and I love gyros.  So, I opted to have one.  Even though I probably didn’t need anything else, I decided to get a lamb shank as well.  However, I did split it with fellow Triplo G Chef, Geri.  The shank was slow cooked in tomatoes and onions and served over rice.  Wow, what a meal.  For dessert, we skipped the Greek pastries and opted for the honey balls.  Honey balls are small donut balls topped with honey and cinnamon.  We had a great time at the festival even though it poured cats and dogs while we dined under the tent.  All in all, a darn good meal under the tent.  Kudos to the people of the Oakmont Greek Orthodox church for putting on such a wonderful event year in and year out!

If you would like to shoot some of your own photo-worthy food, may I recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera . It is the one that I use. If I don’t have it handy, my other photos are taken with my iPhone 5. I’m sure you can tell the difference as to the quality of photos.

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