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The Best Cutting Board Material


When it comes to cutting boards, there are so many different choices.   You could choose to chop on many different substances.  For example, there is wood, plastic, stone, formica, or even composite cutting boards.  I’m sure there are even some others that I don’t even know about.  So, the million dollar question is:  Which one should you use?   Even though there are many, many choices, this is actually a very simple question.  Hands down, the best cutting board material is plastic.  What, how could I say plastic???  Those are so cheap.  They cost less than every other type.  True, but when it comes to cutting boards, spending money doesn’t improve the situation.

In order to explain, let me tell you what is wrong with the other types first.

Wood – This material does make for a great cutting board.  It won’t dull the knives, however, the main problem is that wood is too absorbing.  Just think of yourself cutting some chicken on the board.  All that chicken juice is going to get sucked right into those wood molecules.  You are going to grow a very impressive salmonella culture on that wooden cutting board of yours.  Even though I made a beautiful wood cutting board in 9th grade wood shop, I cannot recommend this material.

Stone – Do you own a nice set of knives?   Need I say more???  You are going to dull those expensive knives.  If you own ceramic knives, it’s a very bad idea to cut on stone.  Not only will you dull the knives, chances are good that you may chip one.

Formica – You will have the same problem here as wood.  These are not sanitary at all.  Once those high-quality knives you have cut through the top layer, you only have plywood beneath which is another great place to start your salmonella or ecoli culture.

Composites – By these, I am referring to substances such as corian.  Although these are a little more sanitary, they will also significantly dull those precious knives that you spent a ton of coin on.

So what does that leave us with?  How about a nice plastic cutting board.  What’s that, not too exciting?  Well, these will not dull your knives, nor will they absorb harmful bacteria.  As a matter of fact, you can throw them right in the dishwasher to make sure they are clean and sterile.  To top it off, they are really inexpensive as well.  So, there you go.  Finally a product that is cheap and practical.

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