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Kyocera Ceramic Knives – Product Review

Kyocera ceramic knives make a nice addition to a kitchen.
Kyocera ceramic knives make a nice addition to a kitchen.

Santa was very good to me this year. I recieved the Kyocera Revolution Series Paring and Santoku Knife Set, White Blade as a Christmas gift. The set includes a Santoku knife along with a pairing knife. I’ve now had these knives for little over a week. I have now tested and used these knives enough to judge their effectiveness.

First, these knives are absolutely beautiful. I received the white bladed knives which is exactly what I would have purchased if I bought for myself. When I took the protective sleeve off of the knife, I was truly impressed with how sharp the knives were. The first thing that I wanted to do was slice an onion. I was again impressed with how the knife went through the onion (it was like a hot knife through butter.) I then proceeded to cube a pork roast, and the knife did not disappoint. Again, I would like to note that this knife was noticeably sharper than my recently sharpened, expensive stainless steel knives.

Now, before you go out and buy a set of these, please read the rest of this article. The ceramic knives do have some drawbacks. First, they do not have the strength of a traditional stainless knives. The ceramic knives do seem to be brittle. You are going to need to care for these knives properly. Can you put a ceramic knife in the dishwasher? I would strongly advise against that. If they were to bang against other items, they could be prone to damage. So, you will be stuck hand washing these knives. Also, they will need to be stored properly. No throwing them in the “drawer of death”. That is the utensil drawer that has many sharp objects in it. I call it this because anytime you put your hand in, you are risking a cut that could require stitches. Storing in a drawer like this could easily damage the knife. Because of this brittleness, you won’t be able to bone, carve, or pry with these knives. Another no-no would be using the knife to press garlic.

So, why would you want these knives? Remember how sharp I said they were. That’s why! These knives really make slicing and dicing vegetables easier. You can never replace your steel knives with these, but ceramic knives make an excellent addition to your cutlery. For more information on the comparison of ceramic vs stainless knives, click here for our previous article.


    • If you are on a budget, skip these knives. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend adding these to your kitchen arsenal. The Santoku and Pairing Knife Set is a great set to purchase. These knives are the exact ones that you will need to perform the tasks that ceramic knives do best. Those tasks are slicing and dicing vegetables and fruits and slicing boneless meats. So, go ahead and head over to Amazon and read some of the product reviews.


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