Beverages, Gift Ideas, Kitchen Neccessities — November 10, 2012 at 12:56 am

What Every Kitchen Needs: ESPRESSO MACHINE

Delonghi Espresso Machine, made in Italy.

In this column, we will highlight items that every kitchen needs in order to function. These items will make your kitchen function to its true potential, save time, and also intrigue guests. In addition, these items would make wonderful gifts for that person in your life who loves to cook and/or entertain. Enjoy!

For those who know me, they would find it very hard to believe that I didn’t drink coffee until 5 years ago.  My friend, Monica, introduced me to espresso while on a trip to Italy. Since then I have been hooked.  As a matter of fact, I purchased  DeLonghi Espresso Machine as soon as I got home.  First, I would like to tell a little history on coffee.  When in Italy, if your order a “Cafe” you will get an espresso.  I always get asked if I’d like an “Americano”.  No Americano for me, I want the good stuff!  The reason why it’s called an Americano in Italy dates back to WWII.  When the American GI’s were in Italy, the soldiers would complain that the coffee was too strong.  Then, the baristas would add hot water to the Espresso and VOILA’ the “Americano” was born.

So, why do you need an Espresso Machine?  Quite simply, it makes the best coffee you can imagine.  I use this machine at least once a day, and I adore it.  Did I mention that I can’t live without it.  Don’t laugh, but I have been known to take it camping and on weekend getaways when I know there won’t be a good coffee shoppe nearby.  The possibilities are endless with this machine.  You can make Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Americano, and numerous other types of coffee.  There is even a side-steamer so you can froth milk. So, I ask you this.  How much do you spend on your coffee habit?  Be honest now!!!  Let’s say it’s $5/day.  This machine is on sale for $160.  Guess what, in 32 days you break even.  Ok, you have the cost of beans…make that 35 days.

Go ahead and treat yourself to the DeLonghi Espresso Machine.  Not only will you love your coffee, but you will save a ton of money by brewing at home.