Food & Travel, Photo Worthy Food — November 4, 2012 at 1:13 pm


Pan seared Mahi Mahi served with local Piton Beer and Rum Punch.
Pan seared Mahi Mahi served with local Piton Beer and Rum Punch.

After touring the Island of St. Lucia all day with the best driver of all time, we were hungry for some dinner. We asked Ali, “Where should we go for dinner, can you recommend a restaurant?” He then informed us to skip dinner at a restaurant and head to the Gros Islet Friday Night “Street Party” near Rodney Bay. It was just a short drive from Castries. He said he would come pick us back up at 7pm and take us there and back. Also, he informed us there we would find some great food, some real island culture, live music, and be able to dance in the streets with the locals and tourists alike. How could we say no to that? Little did we know that we would have our best meal on the entire trip that night. We both opted for the pan seared Mahi-Mahi fish. Hands down, the best piece of fish I’ve ever eaten in my life. It just melted in your mouth. The fish was served with rice, salad, maccaroni pie, and some local vegetables that I still don’t know what they were today. I was glad that I brought along the camera because it was truly Photo Worthy Food.

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