Gift Ideas, Kitchen Neccessities — October 28, 2012 at 4:43 pm

What Every Kitchen Needs: PASTA BOWLS

Rosanna Pasta Italiana pasta bowls. Photo courtesy of

In this column, we will highlight items that every kitchen needs in
order to function.  These items will make your kitchen function to its true potential, save time, and also intrigue guests.  In addition, these items would make wonderful gifts for that person in your life who loves to cook and/or entertain.  Enjoy!

Please tell me you are not serving your pasta on plates.   Presentation is a very important part of every meal.  Not only do these bowls look great, but they have some Italian recipes on them as well.  I’ve seen many pasta serving bowls that don’t have any designs on them,  BORING!!!  There’s a time to be formal, but not when serving a fun pasta dish such as Pasta Diavalo.  These beautiful bowls will really take your pasta dish to the next level.  But, make sure not to throw your white plates away as they make a great saucer for the pasta bowl.

The Rosanna Pasta Italiana Pasta Bowls sell on for less than $30.  This set of 4 inscribed pasta bowls would make a great addition to any kitchen.