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What Every Kitchen Needs: Cast Iron Skillet

Every great chef has cast iron in their arsenal.
Every great chef has cast iron in their arsenal.

In this column, we will highlight items that every kitchen needs in order to function.  These items will make your kitchen function to its true potential, save time, and also intrigue guests.  In addition, these items would make wonderful gifts for that person in your life who loves to cook and/or entertain.  Enjoy!

Wow, what can’t you do with a cast iron skillet?  Do you like tender meats that melt in your mouth?….Check.  Do you like to saute vegetables to perfection?…Check.  Do you like home fried potatoes just like grandma used to make?… Check.  I’m just gonna say this once and once only, BUY SOME CAST IRON!!!!  The possibilities are endless, and many of my recipes in the future are going to require the proper use of cast iron.   So, I’m gonna teach you how to cook with it, clean it, and care for it properly.

  • How to cook with cast iron:  First, get it hot.  Second, you must put some oil on it .  Extra Virgin Olive Oil sprayed on it or drizzled on the pan will work just fine.
  • How to clean it properly:  Do not even think about putting soap on it.  While the pan is hot, you are going to have to scrape it.  A plastic or metal scraper will do just fine.  Then, take  a paper towel and rub the surface clean.
  • How to care for it:  Grab a paper towel, gently spray the skillet with oil and wipe the skillet clean.  This will prevent rusting and season the skillet for future use.  REMINDER:  DO NOT USE DETERGENT TO CLEAN A CAST IRON SKILLET.

In the near future, I am going to show some cast iron methods for cooking that will blow your mind away.  So if you don’t own any cast iron click here  for more information.