Gift Ideas, Kitchen Neccessities — July 26, 2012 at 7:17 pm



In this column, we will highlight items that every kitchen needs in order to function.  These items will make your kitchen function to its true potential, save time, and also intrigue guests.  In addition, these items would make wonderful gifts for that person in your life who loves to cook and/or entertain.  Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurant has such tender chicken?  Well let me tell you the secret.  They pound their meat (that’s what she said).  It’s as simple as that, next time you are cooking some chicken on the grill, pound that breast a little flatter before you  marinate and throw it on the fire.  Use the flat side of the pounder for chicken, the rough side is for tenderizing heavier meats, such as steak.  Just make sure to cover it with a little saran wrap first so you don’t get salmonella all over the place and kill yourself.

When I have guests over for a meal, they all rant and rave about how tender the chicken is.  Little do they know is all that it takes is about 30 seconds to pound and tenderize the meat.  So get one of these and don’t have too much fun pounding the meat.  For more information, click here.   BONUS:  Great stress relief, lol.