How To, Meals — July 24, 2012 at 10:16 pm

How to make the perfect egg (and flip without a spatula)

Flip once the whites are solid and the yolk is firm

Okay, eggs really???  I know, I know these are SO EASY to make, right?  Wrong!!!  We all try to make a good over easy or over medium egg and what happens…they break.  Here is the foolproof method on how to make a fried egg and look like a master chef from one of those fancy resorts when you flip it WITHOUT  a spatula.  Bonus:  one less thing to wash when done.

  • First, preheat the non-stick skillet over medium heat.  Spray cooking spray generously (or use butter/margarine if you’d like to die prematurely of heart disease).
  • Second crack the eggs on a hard surface, i.e. countertop or plate.  Important: Do not use the edge of the skillet, bowl, glass, etc.  This will lead to eggshell debris and/or a broken yolk.
  • Third, cook the egg until the white is solid and the yolk begins to look firm.  Then gently slide and swirl the eggs in the skillet to loosen the eggs from the pan.
  • Now you are ready to flip.  NOTE: this will take practice.  Gently flip the egg by sliding to one side flicking wrist upwards and over to other side.  The egg should be firm enough to handle the flip.  You may go through a dozen or two eggs until you get it.  I did.  Don’t worry though; eggs are cheap!!!
  • After the flip, cook 10 secs for over easy, 20 for over med, or 30 for well done.
  • Serve with toast.  Garnish with fresh ground pepper or Red Hot.